“We give voice to the landscape”

The LE:NOTRE Institute promotes the inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue on landscape in order to foster the sustainable transmission of all kinds of landscapes.  

It fully embraces the vision or the Council of Europe Landscape Convention and  sustainable development according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This involves Landscape Democracy, where landscapes are improved in an inclusive way, in collaboration and with co-creation of all.

We foster a new way of thinking and acting into relevant university curricula in order to prepare the future generation of landscape architects, planners, architects and designers for their role as democratic leaders for sustainability. We aim to build capacity in civil society for transformative competences at all levels of society since the challenges for our communities are growing across Europe.

Round Table, Ravenna

Powerful driving forces such as the globalization of work, climate change, digitalization, demographic ageing, migration, individualization, biodiversity loss and unequal resource distribution are not resolvable within the framework of election periods and sector-specific policies. So we should unite all stakeholders in a collaborative effort for sustainability.

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“We give voice to the landscape”

By giving voice to the landscape—people, animals, ecology, experiences, and memory related to the landscape, character of the landscape—we at the LE:NOTRE Institute wish to promote deeper connections between people and places through landscape-inclusive community building and a revised governance architecture that embraces bottom-up participation (Uniscape, 2021) by:

– highlighting the aspects related to sustainable landscape development and draw attention to the interests of the landscape in the dialogue about its own future;

– making local communities aware that the future of the landscape plays a central role in their own well-being and that of all living beings on the planet;

– encouraging local communities to prioritize the interests of the landscape and take steps for the sustainable and resilient development of the landscape.

– offer a platform for all landscape related disciplines to collaborate for sustainable landscape development.

LE:NOTRE Institute Board

The LE:NOTRE Institute is a not for profit foundation, which is governed by a board. A small staff office and a number of voluntary workers are committed to fulfilling its mission.

The board members of the LE:NOTRE Institute oversee the general strategic developments of the LNI activities and review its operations. Participation in the board is an honorary appointment based on elections done every 5 years.

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Institute Management

The day-to-day operations of the LE:NOTRE Institute are under the supervision of its director. Operations are supported by strategic advisors and project-specific managers.



A group of volunteers is contributing to the activities of the LE:NOTRE Institute, by giving advice, assisting in international workshops, giving on-line lectures and/or tutoring participants in seminars. The volunteers and the projects in which they mainly take part are Beata Dreksler, Andrea Conti, Kirstin Faurest and Arati Uttur (OLA-open landscape academy), Ellen Fetzer (Learning Landscapes), Marina Cervera Alonso de Medina and Fritz Auweck (InnoLAND project), Juanjo Galán Vivas and Salma Samaha (TELOS project), and Anna Wilczyńska (AESOP4Food).