The mission of LE:NOTRE is to empower and inspire academics and students of landscape related studies and people working in community projects (NGO staff, community members, residents) as well as local authorities (politicians and civil servants) and professionals to work collaboratively following a democratic integrated landscape approach on this. It fosters competence and skill development of students, staff, civil-society, civil servants, and others. It facilitates an online platform for information, knowledge and exchange for landscape. While based in Europe it has global orientation.

We do this by organizing (1) the open landscape academy,  (2) a yearly landscape forum, (3) international student landscape competitions, (4) PhD seminars, (5) online lectures, seminars and workshops.

Also we take part in and coordinate Erasmus+ and other projects that focus on capacity building, landscape democracy, living labs. To make our results accessible for all we publish these on our online knowledge & exchange platform.