Forum Publications

The LE:NOTRE landscape forums resulted in a series of outcome statements and reports of the work of the thematic working groups: the LE:NOTRE landscape monographs.

Project Results

LE:NOTRE took part in a great number of Erasmus plus projects. These projects resulted in a series of seminars, reports on local intensive workshops and teacher’s guidance on how to implement the content into education, living labs and community projects. LE:NOTRE also contributed to the collaborative process of defining a common training framework for landscape architecture.

Conference Papers and Articles

LE:NOTRE and its partners disseminated the content of their work in a series of conferences.

Seminars and Courses

Sustainable Food Planning

The seminar is a combination of lectures (theoretical, case study, and project presentation) and interactive exercises that introduce the conceptual frameworks of Agroecological Urbanism, Regional Agroecological Food Systems, Multi-level governance, Food justice, and democracy. The transdisciplinary approach is supported by Participatory Action Learning Research and Action Learning Research (PALAR) in connection with a series of existing Living Labs on food resilience.

International participants from different backgrounds and levels of education and professional expertise (from planning disciplines, agronomy, environmental sciences, and related subjects) are invited to participate in this transdisciplinary and participatory learning activity that supports a broader understanding of the contemporary challenges and existing strategies of approaching sustainable food systems in the context of spatial planning.

There will be two possible forms of participation: only attending the lectures and discussions or working on the assignment (5 ECTS). The assignment participants will work in small teams that focus on Living Labs or projects. They will benefit from additional tutoring/ feedback sessions and present their results in intermediary sessions.

The online seminar structured in 10 sessions (with additional presentations for assignment students) will take place in the first half of spring of 2024, running from February 29 until June, Thursdays from 17.00 until 18.30 CET on Zoom.

For further information, you can consult the AESOP4Food Wiki pages.