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17 Dec 2018
Romanian landscape in film
Károlyi castle
Maria Bostenaru 2014 / CC BY
Netflix released two Christmas films this year, one of them a sequel, dealing with the landscape of castles in Romania.
Landscape in film is not a new topic, having been dealt with it in different
[
01 Dec 2018
Panorama of Dumbrava lake in ASTRA museum, Sibiu
Maria Bostenaru, 2018 / CC BY
2018 the open air museum ASTRA got the gold medal of the Denkmal fair in Leipzig in the field of conservation. This comes after having benefited in the previous framework of the EEA cultural grants to
[
Zukunftszentrum Herten
Maria Bostenaru, 2001 / CC BY
High-tech buildings which today already count as testimonies of new technical culture, contemporary history are assuring the structural change in the former industrial Ruhr area, transformed in frame
[
Károlyi kastélykert Fehérvárcsurgó
Maria Bostenaru 2018 / CC BY
2014 the garden of one of the 19th century palaces of the Károlyi family in Fehérvárcsurgó in Hungary (close to Székesféhervár) was done with European Union funds. A
[
In the botanical garden in Bucharest new sectors regarding growing of domestic kitchen plants have been introduced. These are Grandma's garden since 2011 in association with Team Work, and Historical
[
01 Oct 2018
The National Village Museum in Bucharest hosts 3 windmills from Dobrogea region and two watermills from Banat region, all showing the romantic of this rural landscape.
13 Sep 2018
A new edition of the Urbanism Annual exhibition took place in July 2018, featuring also the DANUrB project achievements over the first year of run.
COST rely run two final photo competitions (2. and 3. competition), one of them of letting the flyer travel, and one on reflections on energy landscapes. The prizes were presented at the final confere
[
Henri Bava, and are the laureates of the Prix d'urbanisme 2018. The three represent the landscape architecture office agenceTER. It is the first time the prize goes to a group of people and not an ind
[
EFdeN Signature is the name of the new prototype developped by the EFdeN (N for nature) team for the participation at the Solar Decathlon 2018 competition in Dubai. The prototype can be seen in Baneas
[
Architect Schmidhuber created for the EXPO 2015 in Milan, expo with the motto“Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”, a pavillion involving solar cells in artificial trees.
03 Jul 2018
The Danube length is measured from 0 in Romanian Sulina to 2880 where the Brigach and Breg meet in the Black Forest mountains. The place is marked by a Danube stone and by the place in the middle, but
[
05 Jun 2018
The Danube flows from the Black Forest mountains in Germany till the Danube Delta biosphaere reservation in Romania at the Black Sea. Between hazard and heritage the water itself is a vulnerable habit
[
04 Jun 2018
Boutique hotel Stadthalle Vienna is the first zero energy balance hotel in the world. The hotel features photovoltaics, green walls, use of earth heat and solar water heating.
One of the few if not only wind parks within a City is the one on the Danube Island in Vienna (Windpark Donauinsel). The COST RELY Flyer has travelled there during the EGU conference, where the Action
[
27-29 April 2018 the Flower Festival Timfloralis took place in Timisoara, a city in Western Romania. From the Mihai Viteazul Bridge near the Orthodox Cathedral and up to Liberty Square, the City was d
[
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