TELOS – Landscape Economy


The TELOS project brings five European metropolitan areas together to address this spatial and educational challenge in a new way: we link Rome, Stuttgart, Brussels, Gdansk and Antalya.

TELOS contributes to a large-scale transnational educational transformation and empowers a new generation of visionary professionals, decision-makers and urbanites, to address sustainability challenges through problem-solving approaches that integrate systems thinking, anticipatory strategic competences, real life scenarios and insights, and interpersonal skills.

TELOS aims to build ‘knowledge and action bridges’ between the seemingly competing systems of ecology and economy, as they appear in our everyday urban environment. The target groups of the TELOS project are primarily university staff and students from the following subject domains: urban planning, landscape planning, architecture and landscape architecture, agriculture, regional development, economics, business administration and real estate.

Related stakeholder groups are equitable finance players, real estate developers and related industries, NGOs, municipalities, and the wider public, aiming to break down barriers and foster collaboration while encouraging knowledge exchange at all levels.

TELOS Project Objectives

To develop the first Landscape Economy curriculum by which learners can deeply immerse in the theories, dialectics and methodologies associated with these emerging concepts

To build capacity among university teachers, enabling them to successfully implement interdisciplinary and transformative learning settings

To build up key competences for sustainable urban development

To create and share knowledge, by documenting TELOS methodology as an open educational resource

To disseminate the TELOS curriculum and methodology as widely as possible.

TELOS Activities

Our project includes the following main activities:

  • Development of the TELOS curriculum (design, testing, evaluation, exploitation and dissemination)
  • Conceptualization and implementation of two TELOS staff training events.
  • Piloting the TELOS curriculum by means of two blended learning events.

Our blended learning events consist of the TELOS online course, local labs, and the TELOS charrette.

You can find more information on the TELOS project here.

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