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17 Dec 2018
Romanian landscape in film
Netflix released two Christmas films this year, one of them a sequel, dealing with the landscape of castles in Romania.
Landscape in film is not a new topic, having been dealt with it in different
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01 Dec 2018
2018 the open air museum ASTRA got the gold medal of the Denkmal fair in Leipzig in the field of conservation. This comes after having benefited in the previous framework of the EEA cultural grants to
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01 Oct 2018
The National Village Museum in Bucharest hosts 3 windmills from Dobrogea region and two watermills from Banat region, all showing the romantic of this rural landscape.
20 Jan 2018
Institutions in Germany and Eastern Europe are dealing with rural heritage of the former settlers from Oberschwaben to these regions. 2018 is the anniversary year of the settlers origin region village
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13 Jun 2017
The Saturday before Pentecost is the day of the pilgrimage to Sumuleu Ciuc in Romania, which this year was at its 450th anniversary. Since the church is not anymore sufficient for the hunderts of thou
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18 Nov 2015
After the 2009 earthquake in L'Aquila, a number of "Siedlungen" were constructed in the rural outskirts of the city, using the most modern seismic safety and energy efficiency methods. This includes t
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14 May 2015
Global warming is changing the landscape of the United Kindom.
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