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19 Jan 2018
The gardens of the castle in Sinaia
In December a new book containing historic research on the gardens of the castle in Sinaia was launched. Several other books are dealing with the landscape heritage of the city.
13 Feb 2017
Landscape Education for Democracy 2017
The landscape belongs to everyone, we should all participate in deciding how it is used, and landscape resources should serve all populations – not just the wealthy and powerful. Nevertheless, s
[
29 Jan 2017
Ecoweek in Bucharest
23-29 october Ecoweek, an event which started 2005 in Greece, took place in Bucharest.5-13 March the Week of Genius took place in Bucharest presenting the results achieved since and how the projects c
[
10 May 2016
Limits of landscape
5th of May Kazmer Kovacs from the "Ion Mincu" University held a lecture in Rome on the matter of limits in landscape. The lecture is part of a series of dialogues of aesthetics in architecture.
26 Feb 2015
A new diploma for landscape architects in France in 2015
In November 2014, the French government voted a legislative decree regarding the diplomas in landscape architecture in France. The old diploma “Paysagiste DPLG” (Paysagiste Diplôm
[
25 Jan 2015
French landscape education cut to three years.
In a statement in the Journal Officiel  of 18 January 2015 the French government has reduced the DPLG (Diplôme d’État de Paysagiste) courses to three years from the current
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