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15 Nov 2018
Renewable energy at IBA Emscher Park
High-tech buildings which today already count as testimonies of new technical culture, contemporary history are assuring the structural change in the former industrial Ruhr area, transformed in frame
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11 Aug 2018
French Urbanism Prize 2018
Henri Bava, and are the laureates of the Prix d'urbanisme 2018. The three represent the landscape architecture office agenceTER. It is the first time the prize goes to a group of people and not an ind
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01 Aug 2018
EFdeN Signature
EFdeN Signature is the name of the new prototype developped by the EFdeN (N for nature) team for the participation at the Solar Decathlon 2018 competition in Dubai. The prototype can be seen in Baneas
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06 Nov 2017
Urban Eye film festival
Since 2014 in Bucharest, films to architecture and urban planning are being shown, be it as Urban Eye evenings or in frame of the yearly festival in the month of November. The subjects are at differen
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15 May 2015
Celebrating Hungarian Landscape Architecture
For two days earlier this month, Budapest was buzzing with an international landscape architecture crowd viewing 150 linear meters of the best of Hungarian and other Central European landscape archite
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11 May 2015
Portuguese Landscape Architects get together to celebrate
16 Apr 2015
Landscape Institute Awards 2015
The Landscape Institute is the Royal Chartered institute for landscape architects. The Awards celebrate the work of the profession as well as advancing the knowledge and understanding of the disciplin
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26 Mar 2015
Join the Landscape Odyssey in Budapest!
Submissions are now being accepted for Landscape Odyssey 2015!
17 Dec 2014
Landscape Institute launches new careers website
'Be a Landscape Architect' aims to encourage new students into the profession.
22 Jul 2014
Towards the protection of a professional title for French landscape architects?
The creation of the title “paysagiste concepteur” to be discussed as part of a draft law on biodiversity.
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