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07 Oct 2016
Japanese evening in Bucharest
On the 5th of October a Japanese evening of the publisher Humanitas honoured the latest translation of the novel "The sound of the mountain" by Yasunari Kawabata accompanied by a presentation on Japan
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12 Aug 2016
Castles on Prahova valley
Castle break is an innitiative out of the innitiative Monumente uitate (forgotten monuments) which makes weekend trips, like the city breaks, to castles in Romania. The break on Prahova valley propose
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20 Jun 2016
Dutch open garden day
The 3rd Friday in June is open garden day for the Dutch, and as such the garden of the Dutch Academy in Rome was open to the public, the only occasion in the year.
12 Apr 2016
Teaching conservation of historical gardens
6-8 April 2016 a colloquium on the conservation of historical gardens, theory and practice, including a field trip, took place in Rome at the Sapienza University. It featured international speakers fr
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01 Oct 2015
New facilities in Herăstrău park
While designed longer ago, Bucharest's parks are not static, they are constantly improved. In a Colentina lake park a new wheel has been recently redesigned.
28 Jul 2015
Summer in Sinaia
Sinaia is a mountain resort of national importance in Romania, and current developments are in line with this status. Apart of the rich architectural heritage situated in a scenic landscape, events ar
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26 Jun 2015
Bánffy castle and park as scene for events
This weekend the Bánnfy castle in Bonțida, near Cluj-Napoca, is scene of the Electric Castle festival, which brought this kind of festival from closed spaces into the open. End of August, th
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04 Jun 2015
Regeneration of the historical centre of Campulung
A structural funds project is in execution for restoration of the public park "Merci", the park of the former bathes in Campulung (to be transformed in research centre for traditional architecture) an
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03 Jun 2015
Landscape setting for landscape workshops
Vasile Golescu studied landscape related disciplines in France, and built a villa with an exquisite garden in the foreland of the Carpathian mountains in Romania about 100 years ago. Few years ago bot
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29 Apr 2015
Events in the Central Park at the European Capital of Youth
The 2015 eurodoc conference has been hold in the vicinity and in Central Park in Cluj Napoca, in accordance with the quality of the host city being this year European Capital of Youth. The park has be
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17 Oct 2014
Restoration project with landscape component wins prize at the Romanian Architecture Biennale
An industrial architecture piece, 102 years old, won the prize in the restoration of built heritage section of the Romanian Architecture Biennale. In its new form, the structure is covered by green sl
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28 Jul 2014
The garden of the castle in Carei (Romania)
One of the projects in the restoration of the rich heritage of Carei was a common frontier spanning programme for the historic garden of the castle, the garden being also part of a Europa Nostra award
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