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04 Jun 2018
Passive house in Vienna with green walls
Boutique hotel Stadthalle Vienna is the first zero energy balance hotel in the world. The hotel features photovoltaics, green walls, use of earth heat and solar water heating.
25 Oct 2016
New eLecture series 'Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality' starts November 2 - register now
 Landscapes are facing massive changes with the ambitious global, European and national targets for renewable energies that need to be met for climate protection.
13 Jan 2015
Scotland could be fossil fuel free by 2030
Report by energy consultancy  DNV-GL for WWF has  tested the Scottish government’s policy goal of decarbonising the country’s electricity generation by 2030, and it's a can do.
20 Nov 2014
North Carolina bans science
The North Carolina legislature has passed a law banning the use of the findings of the latest forecasts of sea level rise.
18 Sep 2014
New Austrian Climate Report Published
According to the new report by the Austrian Panel on Climate Change, the average temperature in Austria has already risen by two degrees since 1880.
25 Jun 2014
Impact of Climate Change on UK Plants and Trees
The study focused on 293 species, and used historical data recorded over 250 years to understand the affects of warmer climates on flowering times and colonisation areas.
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