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06 Feb 2017
COST RELY travelling exhibition
On the occasion of the kick off event of the Marie Curie Alumni Association Romanian chapter the COST RELY travelling poster exhibition is shown 6-10 February in Bucharest, Romania.
01 Feb 2017
The university in the street
The European Commission encouraged Romanian stakeholders for science communication and outreach at the end of September - begin of October. Among the events were Urban Fest and Research Night. Profess
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06 Nov 2016
Gardeners of Bucharest from the German space
1st November 2016 at the Schiller house of the German minority in Bucharest the booklet resulting from a project by Asociation of History of Art and ARCHE on landscape architects of German origin was
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14 Oct 2016
UNISCAPE workshop in Bucharest and Câmpulung Muscel
12-15 october 2016 a workshop took place in Bucharest and Câmpulung Muscel, under the auspices of UNISCAPE, the European Network for the implementation of the landscape convention, at the "Ion Mi
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17 Jul 2016
Reporting from the front
The Venice architecture biennale 2016 stays under the sign of reporting about the crisis. It is interesting to see how different nations understand the crisis, between economic, ecologic, refugees, na
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20 Feb 2016
All ways lead to Rome
In February 2016 the first Foreign Accademy in Rome, Academie de France a Rome celebrates 350 years.
In december 2015 the Biblioteca Hertziana in Rome, a Max Plank Institute, hosted a confer
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14 Dec 2015
The landscape of ruins
Palazzo Altemps, one of the Roman museums, hosts the exhibition "La forza delle rovine" (the force of ruins) this time. The exhibition is coupled to so-called "conversations" at the Theatre of Rome. E
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17 Nov 2015
LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2016 - Call for Posters
The project presented on your poster may relate to practice, research or education. Contributions from a variety of disciplines are welcome as well as student projects.
27 Oct 2015
Landscape Architects from all Europe get together in Lisbon
International Federation of Landscape Architects – IFLA – Europe, Annual General Assembly 2015 – October 16th to 18th
19 Oct 2015
LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum: Cyprus 2016 International Student Competition
The Akamas Landscape Between Science and Myth
23 Aug 2015
Karlsruhe 300
1715 the count Karl Wilhelm put the foundation of one of the most astonishing planned cities: the city of Karlsruhe. Designed with half of it forest, the urban forest and park are still in the middle
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30 May 2015
50 years I.O.R. park in Bucharest
I.O.R. park (also known as Alexandru Ioan Cuza park or Titan park) is one of the significant parks from the Socialist time in Bucharest. Designing the park started 1965 and it was finished 1970. The p
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14 May 2015
Iasi, another candidate for European capital of culture 2021
The national poet of Romania, Eminescu, lived in this part of the country, and the lyrics illustrated communion with nature. While candidating as European capital of culture along with Cluj and Buchar
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03 May 2015
Memory of Bucharest
In the Gabroveni inn, recently restored from EEA grants, the doors were opened by exhibitions of ArCUB, one of them dealing with "Memory" to participatively collect memories of the city in photography
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15 Apr 2015
In September 2014, Ségolène Royal, the French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, launched a national action plan for the revival of landscapes and nature in towns and
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02 Apr 2015
"Lost gardens" exhibition
The Museum of the City of Bucharest, together with the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism present the results of a research project on former gardens in the historic centre of Buchare
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