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04 Jan 2019
Danube in Ulm
In Ulm in the vicinity of the Danube Swabian museum there is the Donauschwabenufer (the bank of the Danube Swabians), marked by a monument of emmigration and plates commemorating the places of arrival
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03 Jul 2018
Danube Day 2018 at Danube springs
The Danube length is measured from 0 in Romanian Sulina to 2880 where the Brigach and Breg meet in the Black Forest mountains. The place is marked by a Danube stone and by the place in the middle, but
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05 Jun 2018
Natural landscape of Danube
The Danube flows from the Black Forest mountains in Germany till the Danube Delta biosphaere reservation in Romania at the Black Sea. Between hazard and heritage the water itself is a vulnerable habit
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04 Dec 2017
DANUrB Workshop in Giurgiu, Romania
In november 2017 the Romanian team of the DANUrB Danube INTERREG project conducted a student workshop in the case study of Giurgiu city on the Romanian side of the Danube. This follows the Romanian pa
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02 Apr 2017
Iron gates hydropower
COST RELY, which recently had a series of online lectures, aims to explore renewable energy and landscape quality. At the last meeting in Thessaloniki also a local hydropower was visited.
01 Apr 2017
The Urban River Corridors of Bucharest
5-10 March 2017 an international workshop co-organised by Technical University of Delft (TU Delft), in partnership with “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism (UAUIM), th
[
18 Jun 2016
EGU topical event workshop
13th-14th of June a workshop in geosciences was organised in the frame of the Spazi Aperti exhibition of the Accademia di Romania a Roma, a contribution to the month of international culture. It was i
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24 May 2016
Villa Gamberaia
Villa Gamberaia used to be a model for Italian landscape architecture of the 20th century. Princess Ioana Ghyka from Romania modified the parterre into making it a water parterre.
11 Mar 2016
Water as hazard and water as heritage
Today 11th of March there are 5 years since the Tohoku earthquake. But besides this sad anniversary, 2016 is also the year celebrating 150 years of Japan - Italian relationships. The Japanese cultural
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01 Mar 2016
Acquario di Roma
At the 2013 Le Notre forum in Rome, one of the areas studied was the EUR. Soon under the water surface of the lake, modelled after the UNESCO heritage water landscape of villa d'Este by Maria Teresa P
[
13 Dec 2015
The landscape of upper Arges and renewable energy
These news are from the series on renewable energy presented for the COST action TU1401. It deals with large size hydropower Vidraru on Arges river, situated in a remarcable cultural landscape setting
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17 Nov 2015
Historical approaches to water as renewable energy source
The COST action TU1401 explores the impact of renewable energy sources on landscape quality. Yet in South-West Romania there is a cultural landscape featuring historical approaches in employing water
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23 Jun 2015
In praise of floodplains
The New Europe College in Bucharest had a conference on the heritage of water (From Riverbed to Seashore) followed by a workshop on floods, dams and dikes in modern times, the latter simultaneously wi
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21 Jun 2015
The Danube landscape of Braila
Recently EEA grants in the filed of "Promotion of Diversity in Culture and Arts within European Cultural Heritage" have been awarded to study Braila as a shrinking city. Before, funds were availabe as
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18 May 2015
One Afsluitdijk | many stories
Major dutch dam 'Afsluitdijk' will be turned into a rich and endless source of stories relating to safety, ecology, sustainability and experience.
28 Jan 2015
A new book on Dutch dikes
Dutch Dikes offers a complete overview of the Netherlands’ most important invention: the dike.
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