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Memorial of the deported

Following WWII tens of thousands of ethnic Germans were deported to forced labor in the Sowjet Union, 1945-1949. Memorials in the cemeteries of the localities of origin remember those who died there.

Memorial of the deported Foieni/Fienen
Maria Bostenaru 2019 / CC BY
Memorial of the deported Foieni/Fienen
In January 1945 women between 18 and 30 and men between 17 and 45, who were able to work, were deported from Eastern Europe to today's Ucraine and the coal mines in the Ural mountains for forced labor. Many of them died there, given the hard work and sparse food. 
Also the mother of Nobel prize winner Herta Müller from Romanian Banat was deported, as the parents of Nobel prize winner Stefan Hell from the same Banat. Herta Müller wrote her novel Atemschaukel on the deportation.
In Romania, the deportation is remembered each mid-January, with church service for the dead and more recently with a series of eye witness documentaries of the national television.
In cemeteries and churches memorials and memorial plates have been placed. In the image is that of Foieni/Fienen in NW Romania.

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05. Feb 2019
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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