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Renewable energy in the Black Forest national park

Germany is an example in dealing with renewable energy, and the dialogue with landscape quality can be particularly seen in protected landscapes.

On ground photovoltaics in the Black Forest national park
Maria Bostenaru 2018 / CC BY
On ground photovoltaics in the Black Forest national park
2014 the national park Black Forest was born. It encompasses the area of the Black Forest mountains, from where the Danube has its springs. Specific folk traditions are characteristic, which can be followed in the museum in Gutach. 2017 there was an exhibition on the culture of the area in the Badisches Museum in Karlsruhe.
A train travel (Schwarzwaldbahn) from the north to the middle of the national park "Black Forest" (the natural park centre-north, which is the other part of the natural park south of the Black Forest) reveals different ways of dealing with solar renewable energy. There are on ground solar panels and on roof solar panels on traditional houses.
The park stretches from the city of Karlsruhe to the south and in the middle there are the Danube springs in Donaueschingen about which we wrote.

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05. Jan 2019
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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