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Danube in Ulm
and Danube Swabians

In Ulm in the vicinity of the Danube Swabian museum there is the Donauschwabenufer (the bank of the Danube Swabians), marked by a monument of emmigration and plates commemorating the places of arrival. The latest addition from 8th of September 2018 is the one on the Sathmar Swabians.

Danube Swabian bank
Danube Swabian bank
About 300 years ago, in the time of Counter Reform, Catholic Swabians were settled by Maria Theresia to the Eastern parts of the empire: Sathmar, parts of Hungary and Banat.
They started a ship travel on the Danube in Ulm, Germany, using ships called "Ulmer Schachtel". For those in Sathmar the travel from Budapest on continued in the horse carriage.
The Danube Swabian museum in Ulm documents the emigration and there is a monument and plates in the vicinity on the Danube bank called after the Danube Swabians. The actual place for starting the trips was however an island on the Danube called Schwal.
There are a couple of other institutions in Baden-Württemberg dealing with the German settlements in the East (in Tübbingen, Freiburg and numerous Danube Swabian houses), but Ulm and the vicinity displays the architectural heritage some of the Swabians (ex. Sathmar Swabians) came from.
The most recent plate on the wall of the bank is that of the Sathmar Swabians, thought as a bridge to Oberschwaben (Upper Swabia) where the ancestors came from. The Baroque of Sathmar reflects the one in Upper Swabia, as the emigration happened to that time. For example in Ulm the Wiblingen basilica. But most immigrations came from the vicinity of Biberach an der Riß and Ravensburg, which have important pilgrimage churches in the centre and in the adjacent villages, on the so-called Oberschwäbische Barockstraße (Baroque street of Upper Swabia), a cultural route.

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04. Jan 2019
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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