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The mills of the ASTRA museum

2018 the open air museum ASTRA got the gold medal of the Denkmal fair in Leipzig in the field of conservation. This comes after having benefited in the previous framework of the EEA cultural grants to do the "ethnical minorities street" in the museum: the renovation of items belonging to this minorities.

The lake in the centre of ASTRA open air museum in Sibiu, in the background the wind mills
Maria Bostenaru, 2018 / CC BY
The lake in the centre of ASTRA open air museum in Sibiu, in the background the wind mills
The ASTRA museum in Sibiu, Romania, is an open air museum of technical items - that is of specific rural buildings for small industries and agriculture. 
One of the best represented industries in the museum are mills, but there are also less represented industries such as "bostinarit" along with medium represented ones such as textile industry. The mills are water mills or wind mills, but also a hand mill and a horse mill. The horse mill is from Banat, belonging to the German minority and thus to the "street of ethnical minorities". Another mills belong to this street too: the sail mill from Curcani, Constanta and the complex of fischermann house with mill from the Danube Delta (Mahmudia) as well. Tulcea is also today a region with modern wind mills, as written previously. Some mills are there still preserved in situ, such as in Letea. There are 5 wind mills in total, all from Dobrogea, and about 20 of the other mills. These include floating mills, about 6 vertical water mills and about the same in horizontal water mills. Some of these are specialised, such for gold industries in Alba.
Mills are an item of cultural streets also elsewhere, such as the mills cultural route Upper Swabia (Mühlenstraße Oberschwaben), in situ, but the design of the mills is different. Romanian mills are out of timber left bare most of the times, with few exceptions in the museum.
The way this industry travelled over Europe may be an item for future research.

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01. Dec 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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