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Renewable energy at IBA Emscher Park
Zukunftszentrum Herten and Akademie Mont Cenis in Herne

High-tech buildings which today already count as testimonies of new technical culture, contemporary history are assuring the structural change in the former industrial Ruhr area, transformed in frame of a building exhibition taking a decade into a park. The buildings are part of the programme point "working in the park".

Future centre Herten
Maria Bostenaru, 2001 / CC BY
Future centre Herten
The Internationale BauAusstellung (IBA) Emscher Park was an exhibition of innovative building practices to perform the structural change in the Ruhr area in Germany.The IBA was presented at the Venice Biennale and was ground for the application of the area as European Capital of Culture in 2010. Former industrial landmarks are integrated in the park, such as UNESCO heritage Zeche Zollverein. The exhibition took place over a decade (1989-1999).
It included refurbishment of the former industrial area to a landscape park, and also construction of high-tech buildings for working in the park. Such examples are the Akademie Mont-Cenis in Herne (architectsHHS Planer + Architekten AG, Germany and Jourda & Perraudin, France) or the Future Centre in Herten (architects Kramm et Strigl, 1995). These two buildings are innovative for their energy concepts - including photovoltaics and passive house principles - in an early time and can be seen today as historical energy approaches to be conserved and documented similarly to historical energy landscapes such as windmills and watermills about which we wrote. It is a different technical culture than the industry culture, but an innovative technical culture. The attempt was repeated about 20 years after in the EXPO 2015 in Milan, where Germany presented an innovative energy building in line with the motto of the EXPO.
Apart of that innovative housing practices such as where women are involved from planning till construction were included. In the literature link there is reference to documentation on such participative planning at IBA Emscher Park.

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15. Nov 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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