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Grandma's garden at the botanical garden in Bucharest

In the botanical garden in Bucharest new sectors regarding growing of domestic kitchen plants have been introduced. These are Grandma's garden since 2011 in association with Team Work, and Historical garden for whole Europe, in work.

Maria Bostenaru 2018 / CC BY
The botanical garden in Bucharest, founded 1860 by Carol Davila for the University of Medicine and now belonging to the University of Bucharest, is situated in the Cotroceni neighbourhood, opposite the Cotroceni palace, first of the ruling house and then royal house, now of the Presidency. Cotroceni palace also has a garden which longer ago formed a single garden of the palace with the botanical garden. A botanical garden as garden of a palace is not single in Romania, the one in Jibou about which we wrote is similar (garden of the Wesselenyi palace).
The botanical garden in Bucharest is however different, not featuring a Japanese garden like others, but an Italian garden. In fact, this is remarkable. Italian gardens were the first to be also botanical gardens. And Italian gardens were also use gardens, featuring plants for the kitchen, the precursor of today's urban agriculture. The Italian garden in the botanical garden of Bucharest occupies about 1/4 of the surface. Unlike the typical Italian gardens it is not situated on a slope, as most of Bucharest's surface is flat. The garden is green, without flowers.
Plants for the kitchen are however somewhere else. Recently two sectors have been furbished. One of them is called "grandma's garden" around a pavillion, a traditional peasant garden. The other is the historical garden of food plants in Europe.
Other than that the garden also features winter gardens, a museum, and different open air spaces such as the rosarium or the fountain.

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04. Oct 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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