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Prizes of the COST RELY photo competitions
and final conference, in partnership with PECSRL 2018

COST rely run two final photo competitions (2. and 3. competition), one of them of letting the flyer travel, and one on reflections on energy landscapes. The prizes were presented at the final conference PECSRL 2018 in Auvergne, France, 3-9 september.

Historic windmills
Maria Bostenaru 2012 / CC BY
Historic windmills
The first prize at the reflections category was a Dobrogea wind mill landscape by Marina Mihaila shared with a wind mill park in Danemark by Béla Munkácsy. The second prize were the protected historic windmills of Brugge, the Netherlands, by Maria Bostenaru, presented also at the conference.
The windmills of Brugge, which can be seen on the photo, have been associated to a poetry piece of Don Quijote, fighting with windmills from bicycle and not from horse this time. This was in accordance with the first competition.
The third prize was shared by a biomass landscape by Attila Toth and a Spanisch landscape by Michaela Ghislanzoni.

In the flyer travel category the first prize was a modern windmill by David Miller, while the second prize was a display of items including the flyer as clothes to dry by Sina Röhner. There were several third prizes, including also the windmills in the protected Danube area in Vienna, by Maria Bostenaru, and the solar decathlon photovoltaic tree on the campus by the same, along with the flyer at the European Parliament by David Miller.

The conference, taking place in Clermont-Ferrand and Mende, introduced the landscapes of Chain de Puys, recently (2018) introduced in UNESCO heritage as well as applied for as Geopark, allong with the UNESCO heritage of Cévennes. The landscape of Chain de Puys is a high altitude landscape, with grass, combined with agropastoralism. The area is characterised by so-called "slow tourism".
It wasn't the first time a COST RELY conference was associated with a PECSRL conference, after the one in Innsbruck, but where the action was not co-organiser.
The conference featured sessions also dedicated to other European projects.
The conference took place in a modernist heritage building, the former Sabourin sanatorium (1929-1934), which has been recently converted (2015) into the School of Architecture of Clermont-Ferrand. Tours were provided to the building as well as to the cathedral of Mende, the second location of the conference.
The architecture of Clermont-Ferrand is typical for the volcanic area where it is located, with monumental buildings in local volcanic stone.
The action book of the COST action was also launched at this conference.

Le Notre was represented by Jeroen de Vries at the conference, and we had a talk with him.

Historic energy landscapes like those in the photo displayed can be connected to innovative experimental building through monument protection.
And more should be invested in design in order to get an aesthetic quality which does a better integration in landscape.

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10. Sep 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


mountain (en), rural land use (en), rural architecture (en), photography (en)

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