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French Urbanism Prize 2018
goes to the landscape architects of AgenceTER

Henri Bava, and are the laureates of the Prix d'urbanisme 2018. The three represent the landscape architecture office agenceTER. It is the first time the prize goes to a group of people and not an individual, and usually it goes to architects not landscape architects.

Castle place Karlsruhe
Photo: M. Bostenaru, 2011 / CC BY
Castle place Karlsruhe
The jury announced the prize on the 21st of June 2018.
Henri Bava has also a pionierate for a landscape architect in being elected in the Academy of Arts in Berlin.
The prize was awarded for the approach of Territoires, on which the office also published a book in 2013. The book aims to present the different scales on which the office is working.
agenceTER has offices in Paris, Karlsruhe, Barcelona and Shanghai.
We wrote about a work of agenceTER in Karlsruhe earlier this year, and we took part in the excursion to a new work in Strasbourg. Another work in Karlsruhe is that in the picture, the castle garden.

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11. Aug 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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