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Fires across Europe
Hot weather and upland and forest fires

Across Europe and into Asia the long summer heat is leading to hundreds of fires.

Blazes in Amur Oblast were captured by NASA Landsat 8 on 7 May, 2018.; / CC BY
Blazes in Amur Oblast were captured by NASA Landsat 8 on 7 May, 2018.
Fires are raging across northern Europe, from Ireland to Scandinavia and across Asia in Siberia. See the NASA website for details of the Siberian fires, concentrated in the Amur Oblast region where fires began in May 2018. This is leading to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide levels and aerosols since the recent Siberian fires started raging .Aerosols have been carried by weather fronts across the Pacific Ocean and into Canada. In Scandinavia CTIF (the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services) reports 80 fires are raging as of 22 July and firefighters are arriving from several European countries to control the fires.MSB, the Swedish the Authority for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, reports four of the fires are impossible to extinguish without a change in weather, it will require weeks of rain to put these fires out. In the UK fires in the Pennine Hills at Saddleworth Moor and Winter Hill have taxed firefighters, and are burning metres deep into these peat bog areas. It is speculated that upland drainage subsidised by central government over the past fifty years (to promote grassland growth) have helped dry out these upland peat bogs.

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22. Jul 2018
Reported by Robert Holden, London



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