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Passive house in Vienna with green walls
Boutique hotel Stadthalle

Boutique hotel Stadthalle Vienna is the first zero energy balance hotel in the world. The hotel features photovoltaics, green walls, use of earth heat and solar water heating.

Passive house in Boutiquehotel Stadthalle Vienna
Maria Bostenaru 2018 / CC BY
Passive house in Boutiquehotel Stadthalle Vienna
The COST RELY flyer travelled during the COST RELY funded conference participation in Vienna also to the this passive hotel. In the vicinity of the west train station (which now has a secondary role since the main train station) in the centre of Vienna there is a hotel started from a 1900 building and completed to a U shape by new buildings. Water and energy consumption are from renewable energy.

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04. Jun 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN



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