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Wind park Danube island Vienna
Energy landscape

One of the few if not only wind parks within a City is the one on the Danube Island in Vienna (Windpark Donauinsel). The COST RELY Flyer has travelled there during the EGU conference, where the Action was presented.

COST RELY Flyer travelling to wind park Danube island
Maria Bostenaru 2018 / CC BY
COST RELY Flyer travelling to wind park Danube island
The wind park Danube island in Vienna is one of the first in Austria also (1997). Two of the wind mills even followed the public participation model as Wienenergie (Vienna energy) the provider states. The area is in the South-East of Vienna and can be reached with public transport. The area around is a leisure area.
More data can be found here.
In frame of the COST RELY (Renewable energy and landscape quality) Action TU1401 the Flyer of the Action travelled to this energy landscape when in Vienna for the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, where also the Action was presented.
The wind park ist located close to the Lobau from the Green Belt of Vienna, which is the start of the natural protected area of the Danube meadow, one of the most important on the Danube, part of which is in Vienna. It was the start of green in Austria, protected 1984 against a hydropower through public participation. The Danube meadow continues towards Bratislava.

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05. May 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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