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COST action TU1401 "Renewable energy and landscape quality" at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna 2018

The COST action TU1401 was present at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly which took place 8-13 april 2018 in Vienna, with a number of contributions and with generous support of an ITC grant of the reporter.

COST RELY poster presentation
Katie Logan / CC BY
COST RELY poster presentation
The European Geosciences Union General Assembly is taking place in Vienna since 2004. Before it took place several years in Nice, France, and in another locations. However, the European Geosciences Union was founded 2002 from the merger of the European Geophysical Society and the EUG.
The COST action was represented in the session "COST Actions in Geosciences: breakthrough ideas, research activities and results" in the poster session, taking advantage of this to distribute also the flyers to the attendees.The title of the presentation was "Women in greening the city" and was co-authored by Marie Curie alumni. The COST session, featured by EGU today, the daily highlights leaflet, had two oral sessions and a poster session. The session was co-organised by the EGU division Energy, ressources and the enviroment (ERE), which also had a division meeting.
At this conference there is a strong focus on early scientists since about 50% of the attendees are early career scientists. At the opening reception there was an early scientists meeting, and also on one of the days in the lunch break. Apart of this the conference featured attendance to early career events, such as the presentation of fellowship schemes such as Marie Curie and ERC. There is an EGU mentoring scheme between doctoral candidates and more advanced researchers which was attended as well. And also posters are evaluated towards a best prize.
The authors met in the aftermath of the Marie Curie funding scheme presentation. One of the co-authors is also ERE convener and another is the next president of the natural hazards division.
In frame of the same conference a Splinter meeting has been organised to present the travelling exhibtion"Travelling exhibition of COST action TU1401".
The conference features an exhibition of geo-photography following a competition and in the next year energy photography will be submitted. There is also an exhibition of different sponsors of the conference including geo-literature from renowned publishers.
The travel to Vienna was taken as occasion to also explore the energy landscapes of Vienna, about which reports will follow. Vienna is a pioneer of a numer of application of both solar and wind energy.

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10. Apr 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


Renewable Energies (en)

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