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British Agricultural Landscapes: past, present & post-BREXIT
FOLAR Annual Symposium, Saturday 14 April 2018, University of Reading

This year’s FOLAR Symposium deals with the landscape of British agricultural landscapes since 1945 and considers its future.

Mixed farming on a National Trust estate
Robert Holden / CC BY
Mixed farming on a National Trust estate
Speakers include: 
· Professor Adrian Phillips former CEO of the Countryside Commission from 1981-1992 on the post-War story, 
· Dr Simon Mortimer of Reading andDirector of the Biodiversity, Crops and Agro-ecosystems Division on options for future agri-environment policy, 
· Paul Tiplady CMLI former Lakes District National Park CEO on the role of agriculture in our National Parks, 
· Kate Ahern CMLI of LUC on the role of Landscape Character Assessment in valuing agricultural landscapes, 
· Duncan MacKay of Natural England on farming out the Green Belt and 
· Andrew Clark CMLI, NFU Director of Policy on post-BREXIT agriculture. 
The ambition is to be a symposium and there will be both question time after each talk and a general discussion with the speakers at the end of the day. The chair will be Merrick Denton-Thompson, President of the Landscape Institute.

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09. Mar 2018
Reported by Robert Holden, London


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