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Conference on urbanism and the landscape of Straßbourg
The series on Modernist architecture in Karlsruhe

February 23 and 24 a conference from the series of the current situation of the heritage of the Modern Movement took place in Karlsruhe. The topic of this year was "Urbanity. Theory and actual practice". The excursion on the second day lead to Strasbourg, partner university in the urbanism masters of the Karlsruhe Institue of Technology Faculty of Architecture, where also AgenceTER buildigs the new neighbourhood Deux Rives following a mastr plan which won a competition.

Strasbourg Deux Rives AgenceTER
Strasbourg Deux Rives AgenceTER
23-24 February a new edition on the series on preservation of modernist architecture took place in Karlsruhe. After having as a focus in 2017 landscape, being organised together with the chair of landscape architecture, led by Prof. Henri Bava, in 2018 the focus was urbanism.The excursion following the lectures was organised to Straßbourg, presenting also a project (Deux Rives) of Prof. Bava, which was in the lectures in 2017. The conference, with the title "Urbanity. Theory and the actual practice" was hosted by Alex Dill at the Faculty of Architecture of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.The conference featured talks by Reiner Nagel (Berlin) on the future of the city and urbanity and Johann Jessen (University of Stuttgart) on research in urbanism and models, followed by a next talk on urbanity by Markus Neppl, the co-organiser of the conference from KIT. These three lectures were on the theory. The first block was closed by Kathrin Möller (Cologne), showing the practice of Modernist neighbourhoods in this city. .The second block was opened by 10 years of Charta of Leipzig - Elisabeth Merk from Munich, and followed by the international perspecive from Moscow of Anastassia Smirnova, both showing the practice in the respective cities. The closing was provided by Peter Weibel, the director of the Museum of Art and Media, a unique place in Karlsruhe on how urbanity was reflected in the 300 years anniversary of the city, when an exhibition called GLOBALE stretched over a year, but also with the current exhibition OPEN CODES, before the last talk on strategies for a future urbanism by Chris Dercon from Berlin. The excursion to Strassbourg on the second day spanned Le Jardin des Deux Rives, the Europe neighbourhood, L'Esplanade, German quarter (on which there was a presentation in the INSA regarding the project METACult), both Universities where architecture can be studied: INSA and ENSAS, La Petite France.

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01. Mar 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


urban design (en), Urban development (en), urban planning (en), urban renewal (en), urban revitalisation (en)

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