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The gardens of the castle in Sinaia
new book

In December a new book containing historic research on the gardens of the castle in Sinaia was launched. Several other books are dealing with the landscape heritage of the city.

Peles castle in Sinaia
Maria Bostenaru, 2013 / CC BY
Peles castle in Sinaia
Alexandru Mexi wrote a book on the gardens of the Peles castle, the royal castle in Sinaia, Romania. The launch was shortly after the death of the king and before the funeral.
The gardens include a variety of landscapes: the terraces of the castle, wintergardens, forest, parts of the mountain slope, some of them being accessible while others are not. Especially because of this later case the book is very valuable as only in the book are they accessible to the wide public. The documentation deals a future restoration for which some workshops are being currently done periodically.
After the royal funerar another book was launched, by researchers in geography who dealt with the landscape of Sinaia at another scale, coordinated by Radu Oltean. The book includes a collection of historic photographs.
Situated close to the capital, the city of Sinaia was an optimal place for the royal castle and for the begin of leisure places along the Prahova valley. These books as well as a further one, by architect Dan Manea, are a valuable guide to the landscape of the city for any tourist.

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19. Jan 2018
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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