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Art in public space in sector 3 in Bucharest
Research of the Centre of Architectural and Urban Studies

An interdisciplinary project between architecture and arts is taking place at the Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies of the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism. This second phase is concentrating on sector 3, one of the six administrative units of Bucharest, the capital.

Art in public space - Republica
Maria Bostenaru, 2017 / CC BY
Art in public space - Republica
A second volume on cooperation between architects and artists for shaping the urban public space in Bucharest is on the way. The report on the first volume is here. Artists from the National University of Arts are designing art objects, and the coordinator of the volume, Costin Hostiuc, has chosen sites in the sector 3 (administrative unit) of Bucharest, to have them placed by architects.The projects of the architects include reshaping the public space accordingly.The author of this news article made two projects for the Republica square, which reunites a metro station with a train station in the periphery. Although progress was made since the google view of the are and the major of sector 3 provided some alleys, more has to be done to implement a concept which is unitary on both sides of the train station. Art objects and the shaping of mineral ways on the green are helpful for this. An area on the west is totally bewildert and this will be integrated similar way.

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05. Dec 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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