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Urban Eye film festival

Since 2014 in Bucharest, films to architecture and urban planning are being shown, be it as Urban Eye evenings or in frame of the yearly festival in the month of November. The subjects are at different scales, from interior architecture to cities, and include also landscape architecture.

Gabriel Valentini in wikipedia / CC BY
Urban Eye is an idea platform staring at the connection between architecture and the city. Each year in November a festival brings films with subject the city, at different scales, from interior design to urban planning, closer to the public. Apart of that, in cooperation with different events related to architecture and urbanism, Urban Eye evenings are being organised. To the festival some film directors are coming and discussing with the public.
Among the Urban Eye co-founders are Catalina Ionita and Mihai Alexandru, who tragically died in the Collectiv fire. The 2016 edition of the festival was in their memory, and they continue to inspire the team. The first edition took place in 2014 in Medellin in Colombia as Urban Eye evening.
Among the landscape contributions in 2017 was the film "Trouble makers" on the history of land art, followed by the film on the Cretto di Gibellina of the artist Alberto Burri. The 2017 festival took place 1-5 November in Bucharest, and was accompanied by various events, such as Understanding design. The cretto, which is featured in the image, is also a piece of land art, in the European landscape where there are not so large places without people as in the American West where land art or earth works were born.

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06. Nov 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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