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Pilgrimage to the mountain
Sumuleu Ciuc pilgrimage

The Saturday before Pentecost is the day of the pilgrimage to Sumuleu Ciuc in Romania, which this year was at its 450th anniversary. Since the church is not anymore sufficient for the hunderts of thousands of pilgrims, the mass is hold on the nearby mountain.

The mass at Sumuleu Ciuc
Maria Bostenaru 2017 / CC BY
The mass at Sumuleu Ciuc
2011 the first part of the film Wild Carpathia was issued, and this presented the transsylvanian landscape of Zalan valley (situated at about 1h with the train) where HRH Prince Charles is spending time in Romania. In the same mountains lays Sumuleu Ciuc, a locality merged with Miercurea Ciuc, where the franciscans hold the pilgrimage to the statue of the Virgin since already 450 years. The pilgrimage itself is an incursion to the traditional landscape of the area, with typical gates, good, clothes and mountains, forests and meadows. The mass is hold at a free standing altar in the mountains, designed by architect Imre Makovecz, who also designed the Millenium church in the city, using organic architecture.

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13. Jun 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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