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Garden exhibition Bad Herrenalb
Gartenschau Bad Herrenalb 2017

The green project Bad Herrenalb is representing the Landesgartenschau (land garden show) in the land of Baden-Württemberg in Germany in 2017. Bad Herrenalb is a thermal ressort in the mountains of Black Forest.

Monastery ruins in Bad Herrenalb
Maria Bostenaru 2017 / CC BY
Monastery ruins in Bad Herrenalb
The Black Forest is considered by tourists as being the most German site in Germany. South of Karlsruhe there are several thermal ressorts, such as Bad Wildbad, Bad Herrenalb and the well known Baden Baden, in the northern part of the Black Forest mountains. The Landesgartenschau dates since 1980 and in 1981 it was in Baden Baden.
As a ressort, Bad Herrenalb has a central cure park with the buildings which belong to it, but also a construction complex which makes it unique, the former monastery Herrenalb, founded in the 12th century by monks of the Cistercian order which functioned till mid 16th century. From the monastery a ruin remained, but the church was renovated and extended by the evangelic church. The remains of the monastery are close to the central park and integrated in the garden show.
From the big city of Karlsruhe in the vicinity of which is Bad Herrenalb there are tram lines leading to the city which feature on certain days vintage locomotives. This happens also for the opening and closing of the garden show.

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29. May 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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