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EfdeN passive house
Romania's contribution to Solar Decathlon

One of the case studies for dealing with renewable energy in Romania is EfdeN, the contribution to Solar Decathlon 2015. Before it, Prispa, inspired from Romanian peasant housing, won numerous prizes. EfdeN is however, designed for dense urban environment. At Museum Night 2017 on the 20th of May the house can be visited.

Maria Bostenaru 2016 / CC BY

An interdisciplinary team from several universities in Bucharest represented Romania in 2014 at Solar Decathlon in France. The topic of the year was to build a house for a dense siedlung, respecting the principles of the passive house. The Romanian solution was EfdeN, which was rebuilt in the courtyard of the Faculty of installations as First Center of Research for Comfort Conditions. Partner universities were: 
 - “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism 
 - Technical University of Constructions Bucharest (civil constructions, installations, engineering in foreign languages) 
 - Bucharest Polytechnical University
It was supported also by the Ministry of Education and Research. It was the second participation to Solar Decathlon after a previous one with the project called Prispa which built on a rural housing type inspired from the intermediary space in peasant architecture. That house was afterwards sold privately. The next challenge will be to participate to Solar Decathlon Dubai.
Visual quality regarding architecture is one of the items to be judged.The best points in the contest were obtained for architecture (120 from 120). The solution overcomes the uniformity which solar Siedlungen might have with their cardinal points orientation. 120 points were also in electrical energy balance, comfort and function, through monitoring. Environmental issues are also part of the judgement (emissions, heat, water, comfort). Actually the comfort is what the research centre in this house is dealing with. Waste was part of the energy concept. Energy recovery from waste Costs are moderate for such an innovative building. Cost/m² : 1 342 €/m² Cost/Dwelling : 174 483 €/Dwelling
For a new house it is innovation in Romania, as usually new individual houses in Romania are private buildings and not thought for participation of inhabitants different of the investor as in Western Europe. The project obtained 80 points out of 120 in social conscience and communication. Urban transport and accessibility were also 80 points along with innovation and civil engineering and energy efficiency. Sustainability had 100 points.

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05. May 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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