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Check out the preliminary programme, the keynote speakers and excursion offered.

Poster Urban Densification
TU-Wien / CC BY
Poster Urban Densification

Register Now: International Conference at Vienna University of Technology September 28 - 29, 2017

We are looking forward to seeing you in Vienna.

We are glad to let you know that the registration of the International Conference at Vienna University of Technology 2017 is now open:

The event will take place from 28th - 29th September 2017 in Vienna, Austria, under the topic 'URBAN DENSIFICATION - THE CHALLENGE FOR OPEN SPACE'.

It will be hosted by the Institute of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture of Vienna University of Technology.

More than 75 % of Europe‘s population now lives in urban areas andthe proportion continues to grow. The corresponding pressure for new development in a finite space is leading to increases in urban density and in many cities is stimulating a debate about how to deal with the last remaining reserves of urban land. At the same time there is a growing awareness of the importance of green and blue infrastructure and its role in providing urban ecosystem services. Usable urban open space - especially green space - is consistently viewed as a key factor in determining quality of life and as an influence on people‘s choice of where to live.

High quality open spaces are therefore among the most important factors in the development of new and in the renewal of existing urban areas. How will it be possible to do justice to the increasing importance of urban green and open spaces despite the need for denser development in towns and cities? Can we resolve this apparent contradiction? Furthermore, climate change is bringing with it new threats to our towns and cities which can be ameliorated by well designed open spaces. Phenomena such as extended summer heat waves, increased air pollution and extreme rainfall events, are both a challenge and an opportunity for urban open space in the context of the city as a whole.In a rapidly growing city such as Vienna, this pressure on open space can already be clearly felt.

Numerous other cities in Europe are facing similar challenges and innovative new visions are being developed, which aim to combine all aspects: higher built densities with an attractive urban living environment as well as responding to urban climate issues. How can new development be accommodated while at the same time promoting the creation of an attractive and liveable urban environment?

The Conference brings together international specialists from city administrations, research and practice to report on current European strategies and experience as well as presenting examples of specific projects. In doing so it aims to initiate a debate on future possibilities, both for the City of Vienna and similar metropolitan areas. Check out the preliminary programme, the keynote speakers and excursion offered.

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21. Apr 2017
Reported by Jeroen de Vries



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