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Register now: Landscape Forum Freising May 16 - 20, 2017
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The landscape forum in Freising will focus on the topic of 'inclusive landscapes' applied to the landscape of Munich North.

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Fritz Auweck / CC BY
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“Inclusive Landscapes”are accessible for everyone, offering space for collaborative, socially inclusive processes, participation and interaction for all people, thus contributing to equity and environmental justice.

As a planning and design concept “Inclusive Landscapes”incorporates the knowledge and needs of everyone, balances interests of different stakeholders, and in particular considers those groups that have difficulties in accessing information and articulating their interests.

The concept of “Inclusive Landscapes”can be applied to any kind of landscape – such as urban, rural, tourism, or heritage landscapes. This landscape forum will exemplify the concept of “Inclusive Landscapes”in the region of Munich North with new approaches. These approaches will be transferable to other metropolitan areas across Europe.

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10. Apr 2017
Reported by Ellen Fetzer, Nrtingen


landscape aesthetics (en), historic landscape (en), historic landscape characterization (en)

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