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Iron gates hydropower
renewable energy

COST RELY, which recently had a series of online lectures, aims to explore renewable energy and landscape quality. At the last meeting in Thessaloniki also a local hydropower was visited.

Iron Gates
Maria Bostenaru 2008 / CC BY
Iron Gates
Porțile de Fier hydropower (1964-1972) is a major hydropower in Romania, one of the major European ones and the largest on the Danube. The water level raised with 35m through the construction. An island, Ada Kaleh and some localities on the Romanian side, including also the old city of Orșova,which was relocated and Ogradena Nouă, Ogradena Veche, Ieșelnița – nowadays Eșelnița, Tufări, Jupalnic, Coramnic, Vârciorova,, were evacuated and are lost landscapes with the construction of the hydropower. The sturion fishes were affected, but apart of this on both Romanian and Serbian sides natural protection parks were created. The Roman ruins in the area, including those of the bridge of Drobeta are major attractions apart of the national park. The lake is until the confluence with Tisza, but the main part is in the Danube defile, between Baziaș and Orșova. Orșova, the relocated city, presents one of the seminal works of modern church building.
The energy production Porțile de Fier I is 1080 MW and Porțile de Fier II is 250 MW (Romanian part).
There is an ongoing doctorate in Germany by ARNOŠT ŠTANZEL on hydropower in Romania with the title Die Wasserwirtschaft in Rumänien und der Tschechoslowakei: Von Wasserträumen und Wasserräumen im Staatssozialismus.Ein umwelthistorischer Vergleich (The water economy in Romania and Czechoslovakia: from water dreams and water spaces in socialist states. A comparison of environmental history)
In the book Space and time visualisation the contribution of Gabriela Osaci-Costache and Iuliana Armas explored the lost island of Ada Kaleh, which is aimed today to be rebuilt.

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02. Apr 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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