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The prize and mentions of the Romanian architecture biennale
and their landscape components

In autumn 2016 a new edition of the Romanian architecture biennale awarded prize and mentions in urbanism and public space. The winner was the master plan of the Danube city of Galati, and two runners up were mentioned: the dynamic master plan of Bucharest, and the Somes delivery, a public space project in the city of Cluj Napoca.

Galati, part of the master plan
Andreea Popa / CC BY
Galati, part of the master plan
The Romanian architecture biennale is a competition exhibition taking place in even years in Romania. The 2016 edition was co-organised by the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism. 
The prize in section E, curated by Mihaela Harmanescu, was awarded to the master plan of Galati, a city on the Danube, close to the delta. The image shows a detail of the analysis. The key concept was to treat the different urban tissues, according to their morphology determined many times by history, and which gives them landmark character. The identification of the urban tissue units led to so-called reference territorial units. One of the units spans from the Danube till the public garden. The author was Tiberiu Florescu, along with head of urbanism plan Andreea Popa, and coordinator Florin Machedon.
There were two nominations to prize, the dynamic master plan of Bucharest, which is still in development, to be concluded 2018. The innovation in this plan is that prescriptions will have different flexibility according to the zone, from regulation to strategy, and. Also a different administrative organisation of the city is foreseen. The digital component is also important. The author was Tiberiu Florescu. Collaborators were all institutions involved in the project.
The second nomination was Somes Delivery, a public space initiative taking place on a weekend when the spaces near the river Somes which crosses Cluj Napoca are made public and car-free, after the model of Street Delivery in Bucharest on which we reported previously. This is intended to be an annual event. Numerous authors and collaborators sign the project.
All projects emphasize landscape urbanism and the contribution of landscape to the city. In all cases the role of the river corridors is essential.

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09. Mar 2017
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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