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New eLecture series 'Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality' starts November 2 - register now

 Landscapes are facing massive changes with the ambitious global, European and national targets for renewable energies that need to be met for climate protection.

RELY Cost Action
RELY Cost Action / CC BY
RELY Cost Action
Wind turbines, photovoltaic arrays, large hydro-dams, geothermal plants, and large area biomass cultivation are landscape elements that do not always find easy social acceptance when it comes to local project implementation.

On the other hand, these new drivers of landscape change offer the chance to give landscape a new value and weight in negotiating planning decisions, landscape development and design alternatives.

With the eLecture “Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality”, a joint venture between the EU COST Action TU1401 RELY and the LE:NOTRE Institute, you have the chance to learn about the multi-disciplinary facets of energy landscapes from international experts in a series of 7 online lectures, ranging from social sciences, landscape planning and participation, media studies, environmental planning, human geography to landscape architecture and design.

Participation in the electure series is free of charge but requires registration. Please follow the link for more information.

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25. Oct 2016
Reported by Ellen Fetzer, Nrtingen



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