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Florica villa in Arges

The Florica villa of the Bratianu family is one of the few with an own chapel (others are the Ghica villa in Ghergani and the Stirbey palace in Buftea). It has been restored and can be used for small events and vacation.

Villa Florica terrace looking to the park
Maria Bostenaru 2016 / CC BY
Villa Florica terrace looking to the park
In Stefanesti, Arges county, the Florica villa used to be used by the totalitarian regime for protocol, this being one of the reasons for being conserved. However, it has been recently restored and the architecture of Petre Antonescu (for the chapel of Lecomte de Nouy) comes to valutation. The complex consists of a tower, the villa, the former accomodation now monastery, and the chapel, in a forest park. In the vicinity is the former wine station, currently ruin, as is the land house of the nobles after which the wine is named, in the same locality.
The villa offers luxorius accomodation and restaurants for events.
Recently there were rumours about sale, but the county of Arges actively looked for funds also from EEA grants for activity on the folklore of the country.
Following the project Monumente Uitate (forgotten monuments) one day trips are organised including this villa under the title Castle break.

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03. Sep 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN



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