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Royal gardens

Today 13th of August 2016 is a national day of mourning in Romania, as there are the funerars for Queen Ana. Royal funerars haven't been since 1938 when Queen Maria died, whose heart was to be buried in the gardens designed for her in Balchik, now Bulgaria.

Garden in Balchik
Maria Bostenaru 2010 / CC BY
Garden in Balchik
Balchik on the Black sea shore was a pilgrimage place for painters in the interwar time, and pioneer woman architects such as Henrietta Delavrancea Gibory built here villas for them, characterised by a style between traditional and modern. Queen Mary of Romania also let a castle be built, with an impressive garden. The castle design belonged to the architect Emil Gunes, while works were done by two Italian architects, Agostino Fabbro (interiors) and Giovanni Tomasini. The Swiss landscape architect of the garden, Jules Jannin, got a funerary stone in the garden for making the dreams of the queen of a landscape between sea and mountain come true. Especially the cactus part of the garden is still one of the most impressive in Europe today. On her death, Queen Mary let her heart be buried here were her heart was also in life. 
Queen Ana will be buried in Curtea de Arges, like the kings and queens from the royal family before her, but in a new cathedral, designed by architect Augustin Ioan, professor at the "Ion Mincu" university.

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13. Aug 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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