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EGU topical event workshop
Water as hazard and water as heritage

13th-14th of June a workshop in geosciences was organised in the frame of the Spazi Aperti exhibition of the Accademia di Romania a Roma, a contribution to the month of international culture. It was international and interdisciplinary.

Poster of the workshop
Maria Bostenaru 2016 / CC BY
Poster of the workshop
The European Geosciences Union generously funded the participation of young researchers to a workshop in Rome on the topic "Water as hazard and water as heritage", reuniting researchers from geosciences dealing with the risk dimension and researchers from social sciences and humanities dealing with the heritage dimension.
The concern on the dual material of water is not a singular issue in this workshop, but can be seen in the frame of more initiatives such as an upcoming sommer school in Florence, a workshop in Romania at the New Europe College which we reviewed for Web Ecology and reported here (In praise of floodplains), a postdoctoral initiative of Alina Payne from Harvard University with Getty support which was presented in the workshop and many others.
The workshop featured 10 talks in the morning, and then a more informal part in the afternoon, including visit of the exhibition where also the posters were displayed, a book presentation from the NeDiMAH project which concluded last year, and the introduction to the Tiber Valley virtual museum project to be visited next day.
Participants came from Italy, Romania, UK and USA.
The poster of the workshop features the villa Gamberaia in Florence on which we reported previously and which was presented in the project. Through this it connects to the research topic of the organiser on water in the work of early woman architects. The effects of climate change will be a further research topic of her.
Water risks are a current topic in Rome and in Italy, with the upcoming anniversary of the 1966 Florence flood, and currently an exhibition of the Diocletian terme was featuring this nature.
More details, the full programme, rationale, committees and impressions can be found on the website.

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18. Jun 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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