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Villa Gamberaia

Villa Gamberaia used to be a model for Italian landscape architecture of the 20th century. Princess Ioana Ghyka from Romania modified the parterre into making it a water parterre.

Maria Bostenaru 2016 / CC BY
Maria Teresa Parpagliolo, Cecil Pinsent and Pierro Porcinai are just a few great landscape architects to draw lessons from the Gamberaia. Pierro Porcinai's father was gardener there. Cecil Pinsent, who later on designed the garden for the villa Sparta of Queen Elena of Romania also mentioned it. And Maria Teresa Parpagliolo in one of her first projects draw on it.
Valuable drawings by former fellows are available at the American Academy in Rome, and the villa was subject of a book and of a special journal issue.
The gardens can be visited, but they are private not Italian state gardens.

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24. May 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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