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Water as hazard and water as heritage
Japanese culture in Rome

Today 11th of March there are 5 years since the Tohoku earthquake. But besides this sad anniversary, 2016 is also the year celebrating 150 years of Japan - Italian relationships. The Japanese cultural institute in Rome was the first of this kind, and featuring a Japanese garden. Also 2016 is the anniversary of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brncusi whose pupil Isamu Noguchi, the sculptor and landscape architect was.

garden of the Japanese Institute for Culture in Rome
Maria Bostenaru 2016 / CC BY
garden of the Japanese Institute for Culture in Rome
The Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome is situated in Valle Giulia, as numerous other foreign academies about which we wrote. Following the exhibition pavillion before World War I, it was raised in the 1960s. The garden was designed by Ken Nakajima, the same who designed the Japanese garden in the botanical garden in Rome, and the Setagaya park in Vienna. Both the building and the garden are traditional.Not so the gardens by Isamu Noguchi, who studied with Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian sculptor, in Paris. I recall that when I was doing my landscape architecture projects in Karlsruhe, Germany, I was advised to take a look at Japanese gardens, especially those by Isamu Noguchi. It is a dream for the future. But he was mentioned in the anniversary events of Brncusi's birth at the Romanian Academy in Rome in Valle Giulia and at the Pio Romeno college on Gianicolo hill and gardens. From landscape to landscape.Today 11th of March is also an exhibition and a lecture comemorating 5 years from the event in which water became devastating following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.Water as hazard and water as heritage as in the garden renders the dual quality of the element, especially visible in far East cultures. The Manga in the current exhibition also show water between the tsunami wave and the garden element.

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11. Mar 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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