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Acquario di Roma
The EUR landscape further developing

At the 2013 Le Notre forum in Rome, one of the areas studied was the EUR. Soon under the water surface of the lake, modelled after the UNESCO heritage water landscape of villa d'Este by Maria Teresa Parpagliolo, an acquarium will be opened.It reminds of the acquarium which is the only remaing piece from the turn of the century Expo in Milan.

Laghetto E42
Maria Bostenaru 2012 / CC BY
Laghetto E42
My diploma project was an acquarium, and since then I keep visiting acquaria around Europe. However, the one in Rome is special.The EUR (Esposizione Universale Roma) was a building exhibition planned 1942, but finished after, which, as we see, keeps developping. According to the initial project, an aquarium should be under the artificial lake, which is no exactly being built. The opening date got postponed some times.Relevant for the EUR landscape is also that it was planned by a woman, Maria Teresa Parpagliolo, while fascism denied the creative apport of women many times.As model for the waterscape of the lake can be taken the waterscape of villa d'Este in Tivoli in the vicinity, a UNESCO heritage, which will soon have open gates.The connection between acquaria and exhibition places is not new. From the 1906 Expo in Milan, just before the one this year, only the acquarium remained, and it was recently renovated.In Rome, there is another building planned for an acquarium, which hosts now Casa di Architettura, currently with an exhibition on the Atlantidis, speaking of water.

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01. Mar 2016
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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