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The landscape of upper Arges and renewable energy

These news are from the series on renewable energy presented for the COST action TU1401. It deals with large size hydropower Vidraru on Arges river, situated in a remarcable cultural landscape setting.

Vidraru hydropower
Vidraru hydropower
Water is both hazard and heritage, it can cause flooding but also enriches the landscape. For this reason it was never sure if to build close to a river or at a distance. 
The upper Arges is a landscape less visited in Romania by tourists than Prahova valley, but at the same time very beautiful. There is a European project "Valea Superioara a Argesului - Comori dinLada de Zestre" to reevaluate it.
Where the river meets the mountain is the village of Corbeni, which was affected by heavy floods in 1940, and reconstructed afterwards by Richard Bordenache, an architect who was scholar in Italy. The reconstruction is in traditional style, not in the modern style of the time.
Going up the road is the fortress of Poienari, where also Vlad Tepes, the figure which inspired Dracula was staying.
And upper the road the hydropower Vidraru was built, exactly to prevent floods like the ones in 1940. The hydropower was built in socialist regime time, in 1961. Today such mega engineering works are studied by both historians and nature scientists, since also the break of a hydropower can be cause to even more important floods, as an example in Italy shows (Vajont dam).
The road then continues with the Transfagarasan, the highest street in Romania and one of the most beautiful of the world, which also features a stop at Balea lac, one of the most cold places in winter where a church in ice uses to be built.

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13. Dec 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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