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Landscape Democracy eLecture series continues
The LE:NOTRE Institute eLecture series on Landscape Democracy continues in December 2015 and January 2016

The eLecture series is held this autumn/winter semester on Tuesday evenings 18-19:30 Central European Time (CET) and moderated by Ellen Fetzer.

These are the upcoming eLecture sessions.

Myscape, yourscape, ourscape
pixabay, creative commons, edited version / CC BY
Myscape, yourscape, ourscape
17th November 2015
Reinventing Planning
Dr. Deni Ruggeri | NMBU | Norway

24th November 2015
The concept of community based planning
Paula Horrigan | Cornell University | USA

8th December 2015
The role of art in public-engagement and community-visioning
Dr. Kristin Faurest|Corvinus University|Hungary in an interview with James Rojas|US

15th December 2015
Participation to Co-Production
Siri Frech | UrbanCatalyst Studio, Berlin Landscape democracy; virtual roundtable with Siri Frech and Lucy Natarajan|The Bartlett School of Planning, UK

5th January 2016
Landscape democracy cases I: Emergency Landscapes
Esra Al Najjar, Jordan/Palestine/Germany

12th January 2016
Landscape democracy cases II
:: The case of Medellin, Colombia ::
Lecture and discussion with Eva Schwab|lecturer and landscape architect|Boku Vienna|AT
:: The concept of ‘shared space’ ::
Lecture and discussion with Sebastian Peters|researcher at NMBU|NO

20th January 2016
Landscape democracy cases III
to be specified

For more information and videos of past eLectures visit our eLecture/LE:NOTE TV pages!

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17. Nov 2015
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