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Historical approaches to water as renewable energy source
Rudăriei valley in Romania

The COST action TU1401 explores the impact of renewable energy sources on landscape quality. Yet in South-West Romania there is a cultural landscape featuring historical approaches in employing water power for mills which we reviewed in course of the action.

Watermill on Rudƒriei valley
Maria Bostenaru, 2008 / CC BY
Watermill on Rudƒriei valley
In 2008 the Romanian Ministry of Culture organised a workshop to resort architecture in South-West Romania, and, in context of this, the mixed natural reservation of Rudăriei valley was visited. The mountain crossing of water here was used for a complex of water mills, which allow for using water energy without affecting the landscape - remarcable in this area through the ecologic habitat and biodiversity.

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17. Nov 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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