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Landscape Architects from all Europe get together in Lisbon

International Federation of Landscape Architects – IFLA – Europe, Annual General Assembly 2015 – October 16th to 18th

Landscape Architects National Associations, represented by their presidents and delegates, from 34 European Countries, had their Annual General Assembly - IFLA Europe - in 2015, October 16th to 18th, in Lisbon – Portugal, under the theme:“LANDSCAPE ARCHETYPES, Lessons for the Future”, during three days. Work was organized in one first day with an open public conference, a second day of intensive meetings and a third day of an award ceremony. The event was organized by the Portuguese Landscape Architects Association “APAP – Associação Portuguesa dos Arquitectos Paisagistas”. The theme “Landscape Archetypes” intend to explore traditional and typical ways of constructing social sustainable landscapes that can be seen as good examples to inspire our future. The first day conference joined 130 persons to listen 9 presentations from Portuguese, Spanish, Slovak, and German speakers. The event took place in the Independency Palace in Lisbon city center. The second day started with a “pecha kucha” event where the delegates, from the 34 European participants in the IFLA Europe General Assembly, presented their own countries “LANDSCAPE ARCHETYPES, Lessons for the Future”, that can be seen in: In theIFLA Europe General Assembly 50 persons were present. In the third day Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (one of the firths Portuguese Landscape Architects, and the Winner of Sir Geoffrey Gellicoe price in 2013), Margarida Cancela d’Abreu (Portuguese Landscape Architect, founder of the Portuguese Landscape Architects Association,and Portuguese delegate for many years in the IFLA – Europe), and Fritz Auweck (from theGerman National Association) were nominee honorary members from IFLA – Europe, in recognition for their work. In this ceremony IFLA – Europe assigned the award “IFLA Europe Award 2015” to UNESCO World Heritage Center. For more information about the event:

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27. Oct 2015
Reported by Clara Ponte e Sousa


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Landscape Architects from all Europe get together in Lisbon

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