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In praise of floodplains
Ecological reconstruction at the Danube

The New Europe College in Bucharest had a conference on the heritage of water (From Riverbed to Seashore) followed by a workshop on floods, dams and dikes in modern times, the latter simultaneously with the one on Rivers in smart cities mentioned in connection with Braila in our latest news.

Ecological reconstruction at the Danube
Diana Alexandra Popovici (Gheorghe) / CC BY
Ecological reconstruction at the Danube
Research on water takes different aspects, from heritage to hazard. We mentioned research on heritage in connection to Braila, and this is a continuing topic, however the New Europe College workshop on floods, dams and dikes in modern times had a different focus. It underlined the role of leaving the river to have it own personality, to participate in flood prevention through landscape design measures, including ecologic reconstructions after the canalisation of recent times. The workshop (full programme here) featured participants from the whole world, with topics touching Northern America, Asia, Africa and Europe, including Romania where it took place. Transformations of the rural world as suggested by the subtitle included participation of vulnerable groups in assessment, mitigation and reconstruction. The workshop took place over 2 days, while the 3rd was dedicated to visit one of the sites in the lectures, Kalimok-Brashlen, Northern Bulgaria, a site along the Danube which was recently ecologically reconstructed belonging to the Rusenski Lom Nature Park (see figure) according to the presented principles. Inclusion of such an excursion underlines the role of field trips for research in landscape architecture.

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23. Jun 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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