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50 years I.O.R. park in Bucharest
The city hall celebrates the anniversary

I.O.R. park (also known as Alexandru Ioan Cuza park or Titan park) is one of the significant parks from the Socialist time in Bucharest. Designing the park started 1965 and it was finished 1970. The park provides the east of the city, with blocks of flats quarters from the same period with a significant green area around a lake.

I.O.R. park in autumn
Maria Bostenaru 2014 / CC BY
I.O.R. park in autumn
The east of Bucharest is the area where I live. In the 1960s and 1970s blocks of flats following the principles of Le Corbusier were built here, like other postwar reconstruction in other places of Europe. The blocks of flats are singular mids large green areas, which were later on densified (in the 1980s) with buildings along some of the streets. The area was previously agricultural, which caused 2013 protests, to which I participated and which included social media involvment such as facebook, because of rumors that part of the park will be given back to the former owners of the agricultural land. The posters were taken back, but the area is still not administrated centrally.
The I.O.R. park was made on the place of a former rubish hole, but the legend sais that the lake and the city quarter around it are also called "white lake" (Balta Alba) because here used the victims of the pest to be burried.
The name I.O.R. is the acronym for Intreprinderea Optică Română (Romanian Optical Entreprise), an institute in the vicinity of the park.
Design started 1965, and hence the city hall of the 3rd district of Bucharest celebrates this summer 50 years of existence of the park. Like on other numerous occasions, events are organised in the park, including concerts and programs for children. Voluntary work (including my parents) contributed to the creation of the park, which was finished 1970.

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30. May 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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