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One Afsluitdijk | many stories
Reinforcement of major Dutch dam

Major dutch dam 'Afsluitdijk' will be turned into a rich and endless source of stories relating to safety, ecology, sustainability and experience.

impression of the new wadden-side
Rijkswaterstaat / CC BY
impression of the new wadden-side
The Afsluitdijk is an icon with a rich history. The dam stands for the Dutch fight against the water and serves as a perfect example of renowned Dutch hydraulic engineering. The straight dam also provides a unique image in the watery landscape. The Afsluitdijk is highly important. The dam: 
- protects the Dutch from excess water and flooding 
- connects the provinces of North Holland and Fryslân 
- attracts about 250,000 tourists per year 

Safety and environmental quality 
In 2006 Rijkswaterstaat established that the Afsluitdijk no longer meets the safety requirements. That is why the government will be reinforcing the dam and the locks in the dam. Furthermore, the drainage capacity of the Afsluitdijk will be increased by installing pumps in a few discharge channels of the sluice complex at Den Oever. The government and the region will also consider environmental quality here. This means that the reinforcements and the regional ambitions should suit the environment. 

Landscape icon
Artist / innovator Daan Roosegaarde is commissioned by the minister of infrastructure Melanie Schultz van Haegen to design the new landscape icon for the 32 kilometer Afsluitdijk in the Netherlands.

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18. May 2015
Reported by Brechtje Horsten, Velp


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